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No package

Affiliate program

The MinePlex Banking affiliate program is built on the principle of MLM - multilevel marketing (multilevel or network marketing).

To participate in the affiliate program, you must purchase a package.

Package Is a product and tool for those who want and know how to develop their own structures or want to get direct access to passive income.

There are 7 packages in total, costing from $ 99 to $ 7,499. By purchasing the package, you get your own referral link and the opportunity to earn money, receiving from 3 to 7 bonuses for inviting new users and building a structure.

The more expensive the package, the greater the number and size of open bonuses and income from depth.

By purchasing the package, you will receive an instant bonus of 10% of the package cost in MINE + 10 MINE tokens.

For example, by purchasing a START package for $ 99, you get 1,000 MINE tokens, ($ 99 * 10% / 0.01 + 10), which at the rate of $ 0.01 is $ 10.

For storing Mine tokens in your wallet, you will receive ~ 20% of their value per month in PLEX tokens.

In addition, each package has a limit on the purchase of MINE tokens directly from the company, from 10 000 ($ 100) on the START package to 10 000 000 ($ 100 000) on the VIP package.